Friday, May 21, 2010

Mobile phonEs- thE moSt oVer UseD AssEt!

This is one of the best mails i had got in recent times and it was worth it..I have heard that a picture can speak a 1000 words! but i had got to know real meaning of it only after i had seen this picture..

This picture portrays best to avoid the usage of mobile phones while driving..Mobile phones have become the most important asset in any man's life..Mobile phone has become like a GOD's picture as when u get up in the morning, thats the first thing people think about and its the last thing they use before sleeping..There has been completely no time for people at home as each one in the family are in their own world..It has been and definitely is being "over-used"!!People have no time for themselves and they want to stay connected 24*7 and that indirectly affects the number of accidents happening in the city..Way back 4 years, i was one such kinda person.. and now i see my brother that way..I think it needs time to realize how much you spend for yourself and on the phone..For all those are so engrossed in staying connected always no matter what you do through the day..Check out this picture..Act before its too late!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

SriKanth- I LouVe you!

I had always been fond about singing..and i even "try to" sing at times.. I love to watch singing based reality shows on TV..In recent times, and in down south- AIRTEL SUPER SINGER is one of those popular reality shows that has been a platform for all those people with amazing singing talent to be renown to the world..
Even more is the AIRTEL SUPER SINGER-JUNIOR show, for the ones who are new to this show..this is a singing competition aired on Vijay Tv for kids between the age group of 6-16. Yeah, there are many kids in this age group who have been gifted with such amazing voice. And out of the lot that is being performing at present, one most distinct and no wonder awesome kiddo is Srikanth.

The first time, i had just heard someone singing on tv while i had been doing some work in the other room,It was a special episode for Tamil Cinema Super star- Rajinikanth, and he had performed one of his songs. He had started off with one of those famous punch lines from some super hit movies of  our SuperStar. i was so impressed that i wanted to know who it was and i was surprised to see such a small kid performing, and he was sucha sweetheart- Srikanth
This the first episode i had watched him perform,

Srikanth, is just 6yrs old, he is the youngest kid on the show, who can make anyone fall for him..
He has been in the top 10 finalists out he thousands who had competed, One thing i love about him is his stage presence, at this young age- he can just fascinate anyone who sees him perform for the first time. He is one kid with   great spirit Not just he the youngest one but he can make anyone feel happy :) He has been one blessed child with such a soothing voice and he has been one tough competitor for the ones on the show who are elder to him!.
With such great talent, he had been performing so well.. had been spot selected for the next round so many times, had been the best on every episode and winning hell lota prizes.but then he had to be eliminated in one of those rounds and it had been the most emotional episode on that day, Noone would want this kid to get eliminated and it was so sad :( :( He had been my personal favourite on this show!
This is the video when he had got eliminated,

I bet you would cry, if yre a little emotional and virtually bonded to this kiddo watching him perform consistently.I am just waiting for his performance in the Wild Card Round for the Finals! And i wish and hope that he gets through the wildcard round and wins the title-"AIRTEL SUPER SINGER" as he really deserves it!This post is specially dedicated to the one who has impressed me so much- Srikanth!! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

JeSSie- ChaRactEr in ReAlity!!


The latest and the most awaited flick in tamil was "Vinaithaandi Vaaruvaya" alias "VTV"..This film in recent times has been one which i had longed to watch..No wonder it had created so mucha hype coz it had Goutham and Rahman(*whistles*) together with their magic on screen..To add on to their magic were two people i really dont much care about-Simbhu and Trisha(Casts)..But i was awestruck when i had watched the trailer for the first time..Oh man..both of them looked classy! Both of them were really not the way they used to be on screen-really different..handsome and beautiful indeed!but one thing i disliked and still do was Simbhu reminding me or rather looked alot like my favourite star-SuRya(:P,*bows*:whistles*:*drooling*)..i really don't know if he was imitating him or if i was of the feeling he was imitatin coz goutam has portrayed "Surya" this way in this prior flicks..Anyways..he has done a great job(for the first time??)..About the movie for the ones who still haven't watched it, here's a jist of the storyline..Karthik is a mechanical student and is passionate to become a film maker in the future..Jessie is a program analyst at a software concern..Jessie is elder to Karthik by an year..They are put up at the same place yet don't know each other..One fine day,Karthik gets to see this gal and falls in love with her the very moment! and then as in mosta the love stories attempts to prove himself and win over his lady love..Jessie is not really in for it but as she gets to know Karthik better, she falls in love too(so whats the big deal in it??it happens always!)..Yeah even i had the same thought but as the movie goes had quite an unexpected twist which was beautifully presented..An how could i miss on the songs which has added so much life to movie..Loved every song in the movie..

When i had got back home after the movie i had a feeling it wasn't a good movie..but later on i found it to be really realistic..Btw,I had started this blog not really for the review on the movie rather for the character "Jessie" played really well by Trisha..

The tamil movie trailer had so many words used to describe this character-"avlo azhagu, classy,padichava,well-dressed,ava kitae oru style eruku and sexy too!!" but i found all these jus describing the way she looks..I particularly like this character coz it was very realistic and so true about a gal right from the time she was being proposed by Karthik till the way she reacts when she had to make up her mind on things in life, decisions she had to take in the future.. She has been subtle and very feminine, soft natured and trendy like most women in the present..she neva accepts the guy when he expresses his love for the first time..she knows he has such intentions yet accept him to be only her guy promises her to be so,yet got his love deep down in his heart..he very well knows he can change a gal soon(very true about guys!) and Ofcourse de gal would fall in love with him coz gals do get carried away but the smallest gestures of being cared!!Another thing about this character is when she is all in love with him..realizes all this happiness isn't for she's got a very sophisticated family and they wouldn't entertain all this..the character had this depicted very well..but still she neva wants to let go her love..she tries to convince her peeps and nothing works..and later on the gal has to go in with something that she has to take an not what she actually likes..At this point, its quite natural that guys would argue on the point that why should a gal fall in love when u know its not gonna guys with that question..noone really knows the future! Gals jus let things happen but for those time in love they have always been true for everythin said and done!!(my thought!opinion differs)

Getting back to the character,the changes in her life are the same that happens in reality..Gals are always emotionally bonded between people an are always used to please ppl around them..In the long run, get used to liking things that they had to take rather than take things that they really liked..The changes in a typical gal's life(there are exceptions too) has been perfectly emoted in this movie which any gal can relate to..I loved the character and of course related alot to the same..No wonder i call it the "Character in Reality"!!

*P.S: sorry if twas boring :P

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dance-My PassIon

There are hardly things which i'd love to do anytime and anywhere.. and one such thing is "DaNCinG"--that makes it obvious to call it "My PassIOn"..I tag myself to be "De Best"(maybe self obsessiveness!) as i am sure there wud be noone who could be like me!I aint not blowing my own trumpets but then jus love the way i do it!
Way down the memory lane..I had noone to tell me i could dance..noone knew it either..It was something that had fascinated me right from childhood..Recently, i had watched the video tape of my relative's wedding..i was surprised to know i had been dancing from 1st grade..i had been dancing with my cousin like crazy..holding his hands..asking him to twirl me around..going around him and what not and he wud stand disinterested!i did not stop either kept jumping throughout..infact, the second part of their wedding tape had "me" focused while dancing..I was thrilled to have watched that and even more to know i had been dragging that guy to dance along ;P..There were times when mike and myself were mosta at home all alone..i still remember how i was used to wearing mom's bangles..that wud be really big and would reach my arms wen i wear them..with a cloth knotted on my hair(kashmiri style ;P) and a long skirt..and not to forget the make-up with jus "powder" and lip stick all over my face rite from the eyes to the lips ;)and would go on the whole day with those girlie steps till it bores me!thanks to those filmy songs which had inspired me to add on to my passion..
It was in the 7th grade that i had performed for the first time for the "Children's Day" competitions..Mrs.Paul(class teacher) had sent us to a senior for the practise my first performance was "Chudi jo blah blah - by Falguni Pathak"..Many people had appreciated me for the way i did it.. and it all started from then..
Later had neva missed any of the dance performances at skul..Right from performing at Rajarathinam stadium in grade 7 to the children's day competition at 12th grade..Of course i had my gang who could dance real-well..none of us were into professional dancing yet we were used to makin people say "Once More" everytime we performed..I would tag my gurus to be "Priya" and "Divya"..These gals are awesome..They can dance to any tune they get to hear! I admire "Maria" for her bharath natiyam..she's very elegant and feminine when she performs..and many more to add in the list..
The best of dancing moments at skul would be when my team won the first place in 9th grade for my choreography against priya's didnt deserve to be better than her dance though ;) but still we won..we had danced for "Bumbro-Mission Kashmir"
and i still wonder how it clicked!!
The next wud be for one of those national days..not sure on whether it was "Republic " or "Independence day".. we learnt a sequence within half a day's time!which was not too easy and was really great..we were lauded for our performance
Then there was "Althota bhupathi" which we had performed for 7 times on Demand!!It was in 11th grade..when we had hosted the Children;s Day Competition..I jus loved the way we danced..thanks to the choreographers(Divya & Priya)..
The most memorable moment at skul was the 12th grade competition- we had performed the western dance along with the adapt tune..OMG..Thanks to Chitra(priya's sis) who had trained us so well..we had fun learnin and even more to win over the other section who had danced for the same song..We won the first place and it was because of our jus wish i could get back those moments..!! Miss you gals and the times we had spent dancing!!!
I neva had a thought that i wud continue dancing in college..and of course i did because of my close ones..I had been to the first professional dancing skul-"DEIV'S SKUL OF DANZ" and was proud to be a part of the first eva "dance team" for Crescent Engineering College..It was difficult to get into professional dancing style..I felt like a loser..but the passion i had neva let me lose hope..there were circumstances for which i could not continue with the team..However, i am happy for the way ive learned and improved my style..
So did my passion end at college?? not et all..I had performed for my IBU at Infosys for the intra IBU competition which was yet another different experience,dancing with new people..but i loved the team..they were really sweeth!!
Writing this blog did not jus prove how much i loved dancing even more it had taken me through my journey in DANCE all these years..There's nothing more to add on..I LOVE DANCING!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Life I Owe to.... Them!! :)

Mood : Contemplative
Eva since i was born..till this day..and even till my last breath..I owe everythin to two most special people in my Life..These bonds and relationships we share are common..Yet i have them like noone could have..They are indeed..My Mom and My Brother..
These people have been with me throughout my life be it when i was happy, sad, hyped,crazy,angry,irritated,frustrated,sick,bored,sunk,lost and every single thing ive felt like..I am lucky to have them in life..
Mom, De best eva one can get..Its not just words..she could better be cald,the real heroine of my Life!the best thing about her is her determination and perseverance..and no wonder she has achieved so many things all alone..Not jus few days of struggle..but for nearly 22+ years.. and boils up to bringing up two children..There hasn't been anythin ive asked for and not got..this mite sound like " oh yeah..every mom does it", but then, she has got me things despite all her hardships and thats really not easy!She's super cool and more a friend to me..She has always been so proud of every small thing we've done in our life.. be it getting thru studies or extra curricular activites..She's been the most inspiring and motivatin factor for all that i am now..At times she's very kiddish and takes to heart everythin that happens and yeah..she does get advices from me ;)
She's the most laudable person in my life..
Brother,the next bond which i value alot..I hardly express how much he's worth to me..and perhaps this would be one to show much i love him :)He's one super talented person..and i am soooooo proud to be cald his sister..We've always been together alone at home..doing our parts well..i love to refresh the times we used to pinch, scratch and pull each others hair and fight..those times we used to dance to our own tunes with the utensils in the house..the times he's been the worst brat banging the doors and lying under the sofa and making noises that u really get an headache and those times i used to get hit for all wat he had done..all because he was the younger one at home..i hated hm when he was pampered at home..even felt lonely those days..but yeah..we did understand each other as we grew up!!And now i get him to confess all his secrets and Ofcourse he does coz he doesn't want his stuff to reach mom(higher authority)..He's one of those all-rounders..who do well in sports.. and in all cultural events be it dance, acting, fashion show and wat not!! No wonder he has those "gals" following him!!Waiting to see him grow and become FAMOUS as he desires to be!!For all the braggin i did so long..its jus that i love him :)
Wat more can i ask for..Feeling Blessed!! :)

De Best Part Of My Life- F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!

Mood: Thankful :)
Life has always been with so many hurdles for me..While i was carried over with things at home and mosta the time depressed,Its no much of an exaggeration but the truth, when i say that the only thing that keeps me going would be the lot of friends I've been gifted with..There were many who had walked in and out of my life,and not many but a few or rather the best stayed along even till date being a part of everythin that happens!
The true essence of friendship would be when you realise how much you mean to them and there were many such instances which had brought people close to me when in school and college.Right from exchanging things made for each other on special days, gifting chocolates,writing letters,saving up messes,crying for each other to taking care of me, making me get over my complexes,giving me a piece of the world in all aspects and all of those moments jus to make me smile :)
When in school, i got to know those few special people on earth on in the last few years at school..I had very often had the thought that it was too late i had met them..and wondered if school was going to be the end..Alas!!there were people who said they will travel along my journey of life and of course they did and would continue to do!One special thing abt school friends would be even if we are miles across and we are separated and we hardly get to speak..the bond neva changes..Love you guys for that!!
There were days i cribbed about joining this college and wanted to get to college with those school friends whom i had missed like nothing before..And Of course people whom made me feel that there were people of the same kind whom i wanted and who exist in the same college :) There were people who had concerned that i was left alone..There were people who wanted me to come out with my talents..There were people who taught me things with heights of patience..There were people whom i had fought with and got to know better as days passed..There were people who enjoyed being with me..There were even people whom i considered to be gud frens and was even fooled abt!but have no regrets coz i am with the best people of my kind along!!
I am so happy with my friends for wat they were, they are and they will be..De Best Part of My Life!!This first post is dedicated to all those wonderful people :)
Love you guys!!!

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